Home Theater System

“TICKETS IN THE FRONT ROW” Experience of a theater, Sport’s arena, or Arcade-without ever leaving the home!

Your Home Theater System can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be, from a new 3D Plasma, or LCD wall-mounted television with a digital quality sound system, to an Super High-End Media Room with plush leather reclining theater seats, a Home Theater 3D Projector, and Wall-Sized Anamorphic Screen and your Home Theater can deliver every bit of the same experience you love in a commercial movie theater.

Home Theater Design and Installations is one of a handful of companies with 32+ years A/V and Home Theater experience-We handle all the details for every element in a well conceived home theater installation.

Personalize Your Very Own Home Theater Room

Our designers take into account the ideal room dimensions, wall construction, optimal size and types of video display, lighting controls, interior design, home theater acoustics, furnishings, and whether to integrate free standing or concealed components. We look for ways to optimize acoustics and visual sightlines, and/or hide components per the client’s needs.

Audio Video Components Selection

A Tradition of Quality Craftsmanship and Unquestionable Excellence has made Home Theater Design and Installations the most Prestigious Home Theater and Electronics Source. With 32+ years of Hands-On Experience with the Most Sophisticated Systems insures compatibility among components and optimizes performance according to the client’s desire, budget, and media room layout.

But, I already have a builder & architect…
Home Theater Design

We will coordinate in conjunction with the architect, builder, interior designer, electricians, and other trades to guarantee the most solid and vibration-free home theater acoustic environment possible. We also insure that the in-wall and in-ceiling cable runs maintain signal integrity and aren’t interfered with by lighting fixtures, radio devices, or other electrical sources.

Home Theater Systems Installation

Home Theater Design and Installations pre-tests & pre-wires components as much as possible before delivering to the jobsite. Once on site, we’ll trim and dress all wires for connections, install control systems, perform system tuning, Calibrations and optimization procedures, and then commission and debug the entire system operation.